January 4, 2008

Theme: Fonts and Typography • No. 2-4

The font project has been fun for me so far. I have a lot of ideas, even if some of them are un-original.

No. 2
I originally named this 'Sweet Tooth' but then I was looking through a book and saw that someone had done the same tooth/mouth writing thing and had called it 'Sweet Tooth'. I know this isn't a new idea (again), but I just wanted to do my own version.

Did you know I actually have to wear a mouth guard when I sleep (sometimes)? I'm a tooth grinder. It's a bummer.

Full Set:


No. 3
The style of this reminds me of my friend Stevers. She said it was because it was a bummer phrase, but I just thought kind of because of the layout and stuff. I drew the top lettering with the pen tool and then messed with it - I like how it turned out. And the bottom letting was made with a brush I made. I don't want to make a full alphabet out of this, it wouldn't work with the cursive because all of the letters are different and would never fit together.
Anyway - the phrase is just a reminder to myself.



I didn't intentionally make it say "YOU THINK ABOUT BAD" on purpose, but I think that this phrase is even better than the first one. Hahaha.

No. 4
DOUBLEPANTS! This is what I've been wearing to bed for the past week because I've been freezing. I've been wearing leggings with sweatpants over them. It looks better than it reads even, BELIEVE ME. I love these guys. I really want to make an alphabet of this, but it will take time. Maybe I will do it later on.




chelle said...

I'm lovin your project, and as a designer myself I feel really inspired checking out your blog. What energy and motivation you must have! I dont know if you are picky about spelling mistakes or are willing to let em slide but just thought I'd mention that you spelt guard with the u and a around the wrong way in "Mouth Guard".
Awesome work, cant wait to see what February brings!

Michelle Romo said...

Oops!!! I do care about spelling! Thanks for letting me know. I'll fix that later today :)!

Anonymous said...

Its awesome work.I feel really inspired checking out your blog.