June 26, 2012

Temporary Good-Bye?

Hey dudes!
It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to update all my internet things! 

I am pretty much a Twitter and Instagram girl these days and have been ignoring my blog so bad!

I finally fixed all of the back images that were broken! You can revisit the 25 Project and relive it all over again! :)

Please check my regular site for updates!

Love and hugs forever and always! XOXO

March 1, 2012

Super Mini Universe - An Update!

For more info. on the progress of the Super Mini Universe project click here!

In other totally amazing news! I am collaborating with The Flaming Lips on a bag design! This is the initial graphic. I will post more about this soon! <3!

January 5, 2012

Super Mini - Early Start!

I started my year long project early! I am devoting my Tumblr to this project!
I will be posting updates on the project here occasionally but mostly it will be at the Tumblr.

I will still be updating the blog with show info., product updates and all other Crowded Teeth happenings!

Thanks guys! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Happy 2012!

01.01 - The SUN!
How can you create a universe without a sun?

01.02 - Multi-Feet
Is it a cat? The first sketch looked more like a dog. But this guy is something in between. One thing I know for sure: he has a hat.

01.03 - Man Tree
Is it a man dressed up like a tree? Or a tree dressed up like a man? It’s a Man Tree.

01.04 - Pandaroo

She protects her baby with that pointy arrow.

The Kickstarter project is still going until January 28th if you are interested in backing!

December 14, 2011

Super Mini Universe - A Year Long Art Project!

Hey Y'all!
I just launched my Kickstarter project! Click the image below for more info! Or read on for some general info. Thanks dudes!!

I'm Michelle Romo and I run the ongoing art project / product line / super fun good time Crowded Teeth!

A few years back, I completed a project where I did an illustration a day for a year and at the end of the year I turned it into a handmade limited edition book. I wanted to expand on that idea and make a bigger and better version of it!


The plan for Super Mini Universe is to do alternating months of illustration and construction for a year to create a giant cohesive year long art project.

Starting March 1st, I would draw something every day building a month long super illustration. Then in April I would build a physical, 3D version of what I drew in March using various media and techniques, including layered laser cut wood, plush, stained glass, paint, paper etc.

Illustration would start again in May, picking up where March left off, and in June I would go back to construction, and so on. At that end of the year I would have one continuous, enormous illustration of the Super Mini Universe, and a huge, cohesive 3D version of it as well!

So the schedule would be:

March 2012: Draw
April 2012: Build March's Drawings

May 2012: Draw
June 2012: Build May's Drawings

July 2012: Draw
August 2012: Build July's Drawings

September 2012: Draw
October 2012: Build September's Drawings

November 2012: Draw
December 2012: Build November's Drawings

January 2013: Draw
February 2013: Build January's Drawings

March 2013 - CELEBRATE!

At the end of the year I will host an art show to celebrate the magic!
We will all hug and rejoice!

Throughout the year I will be making weekly blog posts to update the project. There will be a handmade book at the end of the project that will consist of the photos and illustrations posted in the blog.

I am approximating that the 3D version of Super Mini Universe will fill an 8' X 10' space. The layout is not definite yet! The universe has yet to be created! The final illustration prints will be 16" X 20".

December 5, 2011

December Popup Shop at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

Through the end of this month I have a little popup corner at Leanna Lin's!

On December 10th from 6-10 pm there will be a jewelry trunk show featuring jewelry by Leanna Lin, Axelhoney, becausemaybe, and Méli!

Also the Mandoline Grill food truck will be there!

There is wall of prints, and some new bags and wallets you can't get anywhere else right now!

December 2, 2011

Crowded Teeth @ The Hive!

I have a wall at the Hive Gallery this month! There is also a great 'Under $250' group show happening! The opening is this weekend! I'll be there hanging out you should come out and say hi! My art will be available online for sale through the Hive Gallery website after the opening.

More info. and sneak peeks below!

The Hive Gallery
729 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 955-9051


Saturday, December 3rd, 8-12:30AM

$8 door

Dear Friends of The Hive gallery,

Saturday, December 3rd, 2010 , The Hive is for the 5th year providing numerous affordable works for $250 and under:

Annual "Price....less" $250 and under artworks

Over 70 artists this month will be providing affordable priced artworks for the holiday season, with a small wall of artists over $250. In addition, we will have a full night of performances, and some awe inspiring featured artists including:

Featured Artist 1: Josie Portillo
Featured Artist 2: Michelle Romo
Featured Artist 3: Catherine Kaleel
Tall Wall Artist: Fikriye Ozmeral
Small Wall Artist: Roxy Morataya
Installation Artist: Daniaelle Simonsen